About Us

MAX Architects is an independent and progressive firm practicing out of London

Founded by Max Titchmarsh, the studio brings together a highly experienced team to provide innovative solutions for commercial, residential and mixed use developments across London and the UK.

As a studio, MAX is intuitive, responsive, committed and enjoyable to work with. We believe there is nearly always a better way to optimise a site or add value and we strive very hard on behalf of our clients to find it.

“There’s a way to do it better - find it.” Thomas A. Edison

Beyond the sustainable and the socially responsible, every design initiative springs from the need to create value from the constraints of the project. We build on the very best industry thinking, adding our own invention and enquiry to create truly functional and highly bespoke solutions that flourish over time.

As city life evolves we constantly re- invent our design approach to service the ever changing demands of the workplace and home. We seek visionary, demanding clients who think beyond the ordinary.

Our Clients

AXA IM, Royal London Asset Management, Kingston Estates, Athena Capital Ltd, Allied London, HUB, SGCPA, Thames Wharf Studios Ltd, TDIC, Commercial Estates Group, SGN, Mitheridge, Common Projects, Bellway, Fruition, Elite Capital Partners, Hammerson

RIBA Chartered Practice Number: 20007778 ISO 9001 + OHSAS 18001 Registered Practice